Having a Positive Perspective

People also call me a pessimist.  I suppose my natural way of thinking is to consider anything that may go wrong and try to prepare for/avoid that problem.  Maybe that’s one of the traits that lead me to be an engineer, and working as an engineer certainly encourages us to enhance and rely on that sense of looking for problems.

If others think that’s a pessimist, that’s fine.  It’s not really how I see myself, I consider it a realistic point of view.  To consider what is most likely.  So you are getting the sense that I’m not the type of person to put a positive spin on things.  I am definitely not that type of person.  And I don’t appreciate when people try to put a positive spin on situations I’m dealing with.

My point of view is two things.  One, I try  disappointment.  I try to avoid disappointment, this is not a result of some traumatic experience (but may be a lesson I learned a few times during my childhood).  It’s just they way I naturally react and I have always had this reaction to life’s situations.

But I’m also aware at how a positive attitude can change a situation, not to mention attract more friends.  Numerous medical miracles surprise and confuse doctors when the power of prayer defies our understanding of science and nature.  So is it better to look on the bright side of each situation?  I admire and covet the positive attitude of some people who always seem to be enjoying whatever life brings their way.


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