All I Ever Need to Know – I Learned in Kindergarten

Now there is more evidence for this popular catechism.  On this Podcast from NPR, we hear some powerful evidence for the benefits of attending Preschool and the surprising statistics for kids who did attend preschool.  Apparently the evidence from this study of 123 kids has been supported by additional studies around the country.

For example, people who attended preschool earned an average of 30% more from their jobs.  Girls were 50% more likely to have a savings account.  The practical point of the story is that our brains are wired a certain way and we have a narrow window of opportunity to learn certain skills, after that there is a much smaller chance that we’ll learn those skills.  So we should be proactive in teaching future generations these skills.

Many crutial learning skills are developed even before presechool, especially language skills.  Some research shows that language gaps in place by the age of 4 are difficult to eliminate.

For more details on the book “All I Ever Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


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