Don’t be Decieved

Companies who preach green or socially responsible practices, but do not obtain certification.

Product names do not prove performance, products called “Waterproof” or “Natural” are often intentionally misleading.  The term “Green” is very popular and not regulated.  See this article in the Huffington Post about the FDA’s view on the term Natural, my post about which terms are regulated and check out Green LA Girl for tips on avoiding harmful products.

Bottled water is usually from your local tap water, now with additional plastic byproducts in the water.  I lived 2 doors away from a Bottled Water Company, and this was not in the mountains with special spring water.

Company websites that have the Better Business Bureau logo but are not accredited by the BBB.  Click on the link and look-up the company name (confirm address).  Some websites advertise one company name, but are listed in the BBB under a different name.

Product Warranties, do not protect consumers, but change the laws that can be applied to the manufacturer if a defect is discovered.  Read the fine print.

Ethical/Fair Trade logos on the package does not always mean that a product is certified to meet a certain standard.  Companies are inventing logos to suggest fair practices, and maybe their business practice does verify fair wages and sustainable harvests from their suppliers.  But I have not been able to confirm a certification policy or program for this particular logo.  To see more info on certified logos see my post.

Only use licensed Contractors, sometimes you can’t even trust people you know to build something the right way, but sometimes you can.  You have more opportunity to hold them accountable for their work if they are licensed.

My post on what you need to know when Buying a Mattress

Only use as much as you need, the cap on the Laundry Detergent contain is oversized for a reason.  The line inside the cap to inform you of the appropriate portion size is barely legible for the same reason.

Be careful on how much toothpaste, and what type, you use.  Many types can wear away the tooth enamel.

Why about my digestive system needs to be regulated?  I do not understand the Activia commercials.

The risk of For Profit Colleges including Phoenix University, not all of these educational programs are accredited and may not provide the right education for your intended profession.

Kleenex is trying to convince us that using a washable hand towel to dry our clean hands is less sanitary than drying our hands on their disposable hand towels.

I caught this local news source providing a real world evaluation of a new lunchbox cooler (it failed the tests).

Beauty Products

In general, there is little regulation of beauty products and the claims they make.  I’m all for the placebo effect, where something works because you expect it to work (health bracelets are the latest trend and very popular with athletes and in Turkey right now).

  • Commercials for mascara where the model clearly is wearing false eyelashes or using cgi techniques to show the thickening and lengthening of eyelashes.
  • I saw a commercial for specially shaped double sided tape that is suppose to make your eyes look better.  In the commercial and in the online photos, the before and after appearance of the faces look completely different, but it’s not just the eyes that are different.  Most photos have a visible decrease in wrinkles around the eyes.  Usually the eyebrow on one side looks lifted, are they pulling the skin to create the effect?  Also, in some photos even wrinkles around the mouth has fewer wrinkles.

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