Love and Marriage…

first-date-worries-400x300Two really good talks about love and marriage:

Ester Perel gives a summary of her book Mating in Captivity, explains how in love we seek security but in romance we seek adventure.  How do we achieve both in one partner?  This is basically the theme of the story Anna Karenina, who struggles to be faithful to her loving husband or give is to her passionate lover.

Jenna McCarthy talks about some of the universal secrets of successful relationships.


This PBS documentary provides an interesting history of marriage.


Romantic Poetry Book for Couples

I came across an interesting post while looking for book reviews, and it has a fantastic idea for couples to keep a little romance in their relationship.

The author’s passion is writing and her husband presented a writing journal as a gift one day.  As a romantic gesture, he copied some romantic poems into the journal before presenting it.  Now she writes original poetry for him to read, and he writes down poetry from other authors for her.  What a nice idea to share with each other, even for people who are not writers.

I find that writing my feelings to someone is easier than saying them to the person face-to-face.  I can’t think on the fly the way I want to, which really hinders those important conversations in a relationship.