Neighbourly Love in Action

Happy National Good Samaritan Day!

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“Neighbors helping out an older couple who have trouble with their front steps”

Neighbors helping out an older couple who have trouble with their front steps ( hotwir3)

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This time of year is for remembering those who do the LITTLE things for us

Last night I overheard of a young gentleman’s story of gift shopping.  This person picked out a gift for a female coworker of his.  At first, when he described having lunch every day with this coworker I thought maybe it was a girl he would be interested in dating, and that he was hoping this sweater would impress her.  But then he said this person was an older woman and he wanted to do something nice in return for her daily company, but he wasn’t sure if she would appreciate his taste in the sweater.

I appreciate the reminder to acknowledge those who contribute to my life each day.

Good News in the News

This is my favorite type of story: people helping people.

I generally avoid network news, but this weekend I caught a positive story.  In summary, a local veteran who is out of work and living at the veteran’s homeless shelter,  found a wallet with almost $200 and no identification.  With the help of a local police officer, the owner was located and the money was returned to the bicycle courier.

After being featured on the news, this act of kindness has inspired many others to contribute in their own way.  In addition to job offers, the veteran has been offered a trip to visit his family for the holidays.  Support for the shelter has also spiked.

More details on this story can be found at:

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