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The Fight against Bullying

Raise your hand if you have been bullied at some point in your life.  If you can read this, I expect you are raising your hand.  It doesn’t matter what age, gender, skin color, native language, etc.  It’s a natural reaction when we are not taught to behave otherwise.  Typically bullying is a reaction to stress (  And who is not stressed at some point in their life?

The number of groups and news reports about bullying gives me hope that we will soon have the tools to stop the bullying behavior.   Dateline even did an episode secretly watching kids to see if they will participate in bullying.  Ways people are stopping Bullying behavior:

What if your child is the bully?

Thanks to RaisingAwareness for your post and reminding me to complete this post.

Online Course for Educators about Bullying and Tactics to stop Bullying

This is offered by California State University Fullerton.  The course starts mid July.

The Issue:

Gender identity and presentation, along with sexual orientation and perceived sexual orientation, play a significant role in most cases of bullying. This course is designed to give teachers, administrators and staff the ability to recognize and to effectively address the
dynamics of student bullying.

How to Educate:

Cal State Fullerton is offering a 1-unit online course that covers the issue in a unique way utilizing a combination of video lectures and interviews from key advocates of this issue along with required reading materials.


Registration Begins:
March 27

Course Schedule
July 16 – August 17, 2012