Being Tardy – how much is okay?

How did it get to be okay to be late for everything?  Yes I’m one of those people who gets really annoyed when people are late.  Even for 5 minutes.  If we agree to meet at 7:00, I will try to arrive a little early out of respect for your time.  Why can’t others do the same?  While waiting I can spend time reading on my phone, or check Facebook.  But if people are going to be 10, 15, 30 minutes late or more, then I could have used that time for something productive.  Sure this may sound like Common Sense, but it’s not Common Practice.

being-on-time1I have friends who are notoriously late.  Sometimes and hour or more.  Know that I know this, I plan our meetings for situations where it does not matter if they are late.  For the people who are habitually late, it’s always something they didn’t expect to occur that caused them to be late.  Like this person who might have to respond to an email on the way to a meeting, etc.

I’m sorry, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to manage distractions.  The internet and cell phones provide instant access to people, which has resulted in the sense of immediate access.  We treat every situation as an emergency.  Maybe this immediate contact gives us a sense of being important and that we have to respond immediately in order to remain relevant.  But what is that doing to our ability to respect other people’s time by showing up at the agreed time?

I totally lose my cool when I’m running late.  Last night I was scheduled to present to a group of high school students.  I planned to arrive 15 min. early.  Traffic was worse than I have ever seen, and then the google map sent me to the wrong block on that street.  I arrived about 7 min late and was beyond frustrated.  Luckily, the organizers has people arrive 15 min early because of this Common Practice  in the US.


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