Week of Wordpress – Balloons

Here are the posts about balloons that I enjoyed reading this past week:

See an Iron Man balloon costume.  What about some amazing balloon artwork.  I never would have thought about something like this.

It is my experience, that a child of any culture, enjoys playing with a balloon.  This event in Africa also occurs in Egypt.

There is a new thing this summer, have you heard about Frozen Custard?  Apparently, it’s so great, we all should throw a party to celebrate, and of course the party should be decorated with balloons.

I love the Mickey and Minnie balloon in this Birthday Celebration.

Of the quotes about balloons in this post, the one from Winnie the Pooh is my favorite.

Through the Magic door accomplishes another skill on her list through the help of a family member; see all the balloon animals she can now make.

The video loop of this child playing with black balloons is a little creepy.

Predictably Lost describes how finding lost balloons is a good luck charm.

How far would you ride on a cluster of helium balloons?  Across the Atlantic?  This story came up a lot, especially on news blogs, which I do not link to, except this one which describes what was intended by the balloon design.

What about a more reliable balloon ride?


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