Stop and Smell the Flowers

Last night, while reading a book for pleasure 🙂 an important life lesson was dropped in my lap.  This morning, a powerful endorsement of that message popped up on a friends Facebook page.  This one is not going to be easy to fix for me, and it’s going to take some serious time for me to learn how to even begin.

“One of the reasons for anxiety and depression in the high attainers is that they’re not having good relationships.  They’re busy making money and attending to themselves and that means that there’s less room in their lives for love and attention and caring and empathy and the things that truly count.” ~Daniel Pink in the book Drive

The Day I stopped saying “Hurry Up” article by Rachel Macy Stafford, although she writes this to her daughters, it can be true for friends, spouse, coworkers, etc.

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