When to say “I Love You”

Love is a perception, and we all perceive things differently.  And since English uses only 1 word for so many emotions and different kinds of love, to me that makes the meaning of love very fluid.  Since people interpret love in the way that works for them at the moment, what do they actually mean when they say – “I Love You”

bigstockphoto_rose_heart_25472772Generally I think love is a combination of the following, depending on the situation: happiness/pleasure, lust, devotion, care, acceptance, tolerance, respect, admiration, excitement, comfort …

2 comments on “When to say “I Love You”

  1. Have you ever read Sternberg’s triangular theory of love? I think you might like it. When I became familiar with it, one of my friends was having an affair with a married man who could not/would not leave her alone. One day I was chatting him about it, and he said something like, “I know, I know, but well, you love how you can.” I was still upset with him, and yet I could see an application of Sternberg’s theory.

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