Being Caught Up by New Things

I’m fascinated about happiness, what makes people happy and how those things lose their ability to create additional happiness. Which makes me wonder “Are we really interested in something new?” I love change, I feel very stifled if I don’t have some sort of change in my life.

Some people say that in order for them to feel content in their relationship, they have to be “growing together.” I understand that feeling, although I have not mastered how to control or feed it. But I sometimes think I’m unsatisfied if my boyfriend and I are not actively working on a common goal together.

In the past, I have been able to achieve a lot of change. Changing grades in school, and changing schools every few years. As an adult I have moved apartments nearly every year. New groups of friends, new activities, etc. but now living in the same Metropolitan area for 9 years, keeping the same job for as long, dating my bf for 3 years, facing the idea of settling down and buying a house, I wonder “How long can I go without a major change in my life?”

I love the Boston area, I dread the idea of learning everything, and everyone, over again. I like a lot of aspects about my job, and it provides a long term career goal that I’m striving for, and few other companies have the same opportunity. Life is full of change, but I thrive on the excitement of something new.

I sometimes watch the classic movies, from the 30’s and 40’s.  It’s interesting that the simple plots, with a few song and dance routines, could were entertaining to a majority of men and women. So few of my peers find them entertaining now. Our standards have changed and we need something fresh to catch our attention. We can’t regurgitate the same fancies for each generation, we have to develop new ideas, new boy bands, new TV shows.

Is the search from something new outweighing the search to develop meaning?  Are we constantly chasing something new as meaningless entertainment without truly enriching our lives?


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