Health Standards at Restaurants – YIKES!

It’s not good news when the opening photo for a post in this topic to be of someone washing their hands.  I don’t have good news to report tonight.

We went to a restaurant in Cambridge for dinner, and my boyfriend when to wash his hands.   The men’s room did not have running water.  The restaurant staff said to use the women’s room, but that room did not have soap.  So he came back to the table and said “We’re not eating here.”  I agreed and we left.

I came home and looked up the inspection record for that restaurant on the city’s health department page.  They do not have a good record.  So I posted a review on Yelp, and emailed the city’s Chief Health Inspector about our findings.  We need to keep each other honest, and I bet there are few consequences for restaurants who do not meet standards.

We have a choice where to spend our money, and a choice what to put into our bodies.  I’m a little wiser today about how to make that decision.  From now on, I’ll be checking my favorite places before going out to eat.


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