Ideas for Improved Eating Habits

Following up that last post about all the ways people indulge in unhealthy habits, and the ways food makers get us addicted to junk food, here are a few ideas of how to be healthier. I am learning how to include more veggies in my foods. Even though I grew up in the produce rich environment of California, my parents weren’t into cooking much, and we ate many fruits and veggies from cans. Now living in the Northeast with long winters, I realize how much we missed out on tasty food, and learning good habits. I am learning how to include more veggies in my foods.

What’s even better, you can hide veggies in your food with recipes from the Sneaky Chef. Substitute some of the fat, sugar, and carbs with something healthy and nutritious, and you won’t even taste it.

Another great way to eat veggies if you aren’t used to it, grill them. Just about every vegetable is much more tasty when grilled to get that smokey flavor. I especially love the taste of grilled eggplant. Even veggies you though you hated are worth eating off the grill. In the winter, you can cook them on electric grills or roast them in the oven with a bit of salt and olive oil (if necessary).

NPR just had a story about the way our natural tendency to be optimistic is counteractive to dieting needs these days. They have a few suggestions of ways to improve eating habits.

Healthy snack ideas: from Fresh Food Perspectives, and some of my snacks I use at work:

  • unsalted nuts
  • air popped pop corn
  • apple and peanut butter (I could have this every day)
  • carrots and hummus
  • cheese stick
  • decaf tea
  • hot water with lemon flavor



3 comments on “Ideas for Improved Eating Habits

      • Yeah. I do small long slices (I think it’s called butterfly cuts) lay them all out, chuck on some almond butter and heat up in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. Then onto the enjoyment phase, hint, it’s the best phase!

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