So you think you live in a Red or Blue state?

Mark Newman at the University of Michigan has created maps of the United States representing the election results in different ways to show the real voice of the people.  The featured image shows areas in red that voted strongly republican (70% or more) in the election, blue for democrat, and purple for the middle 40% between republican and democrat.

So many of us do not strongly identify with one party or another.  And as long as we have the electoral college, we will have the 2 party system.  See description of the pros and cons of the electoral college on see this description by WiseGeek.

Back to the election results, so maps are created showing the variability in the votes, and he also makes cartograms which distort the map image to represent population size and therefor influence on the outcome.

Since the election, many discussions have recognized this moderate voice, that the election was about compromise and middle ground; not one extreme and severe partisanship.  I hope the politicians follow through on that idea.


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