Only a Man would say Abortion is not okay, even in cases of Rape

I can’t even imagine what it’s liked to be raped. Whether by stranger or someone I know, my life would be completely changed. To be controlled and violated in such a way would change how I look at people, what I think of men, and my view of life and freedom.

Then the possibility of that rape resulting in a child… I don’t have children. I haven’t decided that I will have children one day. Even if I did have children, the birth of that child and the responsibility of raising that child is a huge responsibility. Does Todd Aiken believe the father should also be responsible for child rearing? Would they share custody, or would he be required to provide child support? This whole arrangement is unthinkable to most women.

English: Lorraine 'Raine' Flores, Navy spouse,...

English: Lorraine ‘Raine’ Flores, Navy spouse, has snack time after school with her children, Gabriel, 6, and Liliana, 4 (far right), along with a neighbor’s daughter, Sydney Toliver, 6. Like many other military spouses, Flores had to make some child-rearing decisions on her own during deployments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not surprised that some religious fanatics are trying to ban abortion, even in cases of rape. That’s because these MEN do not have to carry a child for 9 months, give birth to that child, and spend the rest of their LIVES caring for that child. They can have their fun and walk away, such as military personnel fighting in Vietnam and other wars. How many children are abandoned by their fathers around the world and in the US?

We don’t consider murder to be God’s will for the death of that person. How can we consider conception during rape as God’s will? I wonder, how these same fanatics view Capital Punishment and bombing our enemies. Where does God sanction killing for these reasons?

I can’t even imagine…

  • Article from Mother Jones on custody battles over children from rape.

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