Misleading Political ads

One of the TV adds supporting Obama is a nursery rhyme told by the actor Samuel L. Jackson.  It warns of the extreme policy changes (likely exaggerated from Romney’s actual suggested policy changes) we might expect if Romney is elected President.

English: Seal of the President of the United S...

Be careful what you read out there.  Few political ads and emails are unbiased.  We hear more about what the opposing candidate will do, than actual plans from the candidates themselves.  Examples:

  • Rumors that Obama has signed over 900 executive orders are not true.  And the false rumor suggests that the orders create Marshall law.
  • Don’t believe what you heard in the presidential debates either.  Plenty of articles point out the misleading statements on both sides, such as the Olympian, the Washington Post has a Pinocchio tracker on the candidates.

How can we know what is true?  For now, I like to read several sources of information on the content, hoping it lands somewhere near the truth.  Factcheck.org has a lot of analysis on the debates.  PolitiFact.com has a Truth-O-Meter for the claims being slung about. Or check FlackCheck.org,

At project votesmart.org you can look up your candidates, federal and state level, and they even have a survey where the candidates can answer their position on the major issues.


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