How to decide who to vote for?

Television ads on TV may be entertaining and appeal to our convictions, but are not the best source for information on the candidates.


Vote (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

There are also a lot of email and blog discussions spreading rumors about politicians that can’t be trusted, according to  Campaigns are run on rhetoric, and we often identify with the candidate or party who’s one liners match our own views.  But how many people really know the truth about the candidate they are voting for?

Ignoring the fact that all candidates make idealistic promises, for things their elected position may not even have influence over.  Do you really know the position of your favored candidate?  Project Vote Smartis great for candidate information that is supposedly independent and non-partisan.

English: Created by User:Rspeer using Inkscape...

English: Created by User:Rspeer using Inkscape. Modified by Mark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like how the website is organized, and you can review the list of candidates on your ballot by typing in your address or zip code.  They had ballot issues, and state election candidates.  I had to know a little more information about which districts for House Representatives and my zone for state officials.

  • Find your House Of Representatives for your location
  • or check which also has contact information for all elected officials
  • Wikipedia has links to each state election list of candidates
  • For a list of candidates running for office in MA, check out Politics1.

Does anyone know of an online source for petitions to our elected representatives?  To me it looks like they are scattered about based on the group who is organizing the petition.


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