It’s Amazing what a person Can Accomplish – Hope for the next generation

It’s easy for “regular” people to feel bad for the family members of disabled kids.  Well this older brother has turned a disability into an opportunity for them to connect.

It seems like people with disabilities have something “regular” people often struggle with: to be happy, to be appreciative, and give love.  A recent discussion with friends who have disabled siblings, it seems to help kids learn empathy for other people.  I think this quality is severely lacking in our hectic, individualistic societies.   I wonder what other ways we can teach kids this trait?

There have been several stories lately giving me hope in the next generation.  Like 8 year old Wyatt donating his money for a neighbor girl to get chemo.  And Abbie who goes above and beyond to find the owner of $4,000 she found.

Maybe this trait will be a theme for their generation.


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