I’m Guilty…

I was responding to a post the other day and I realized that something I do naturally every day is the completely wrong thing to do.  I should feel lucky to live in a place where people, especially men, show their respect and courtesy by opening the door for me when I’m walking through.

I tend to be very independent and don’t like asking people to do things for me.  Even something as simple as opening the door.  It’s generally no effort to open a door, so I have always thought of it as “No Big Deal.”  But if we recognize the gesture as a sign of respect and honor, then it plays a very different role in our daily lives.

And if I treat that sign of respect with a deserving smile and gracious “Thank you so much!” how will that response make the person feel?  If we can recognize and return these little gestures each day, making people feel appreciated for the effort made, how will that improve our social interactions?

One my of biggest failings, and something I have been working hard on over the last year (but have only managed to start recognizing) is trying to make people feel special for who they are and what they do.  My friend Laura always has a little compliment for each friend, and always remembers past gifts to update you on how they have enriched her life, making each of us feel special.  She is my role model for maintaining relationships.

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