Stuff to do with your kids

This website has a lot of ideas for family activities.  Check it out if you live or visit:

  • NYC
  • LA
  • Boston
  • New Jersey
  • Long Island


  • make paper snowflakes
  • clean out the toy box
  • go camping in the livingroom
  • make a mobile out of found objects (acorns, rocks, branches)
  • write up some New Year’s Resolutions
  • create a simple Family Tree
  • play basketball with a wadded up piece of paper and a wastebasket
  • play card/board games
  • design your own game
  • make homemade play dough
  • play with play dough
  • play hide-and-seek
  • send virtual greeting cards
  • make a craft
  • choose photos for a family calendar
  • arrange photo albums
  • draw, color, paint
  • copy your favorite book illustration
  • write letters to a relative, friend or pen pal
  • write stories
  • write a play, act out a play
  • invent indoor circus acts
  • perform an indoor circus
  • brush the pet
  • read a book/magazine/newspaper
  • read a story to a younger child
  • listen to a story or book on tape
  • make up a story
  • make up a story by drawing pictures
  • cut pictures from old magazines and write a story
  • make a collage using pictures cut from old magazines
  • write newspaper articles for a pretend newspaper
  • draw a cartoon strip
  • write in your journal
  • plan an imaginary trip to the moon
  • plan an imaginary trip around the world, where would you want to go
  • write reviews of movies or plays or TV shows or concerts you see during the break from school
  • write a science-fiction story
  • find a new pen pal
  • put together a family newsletter
  • have a read-a-thon with a friend or sibling
  • make up a play using old clothes as costumes
  • play dress-up
  • play Cowboys
  • produce a talent show
  • memorize a poem and  for your family
  • make a tent/fort/teepee out of blankets
  • do a jigsaw puzzle
  • play on the Geosafari
  • do research project
  • do brain teasers (ie: crosswords, word searches, hidden pictures, mazes, etc.)
  • cook, prepare lunch, dessert, dinner
  • try a new recipe
  • have an indoor picnic
  • bake and decorate cut-out cookies
  • surprise a neighbor with a good deed, do a secret service for a neighbor
  • play store
  • make food sculptures (from pretzels, gumdrops, string licorice, raisins, cream cheese, peanuts, peanut butter, etc.) and then eat it
  • make sandwiches and cut them out with large cookie cutters
  • prepare a “restaurant” lunch with menus
  • hold a tea party
  • have a Teddy bear picnic on the floor in the livingroom
  • learn magic tricks
  • put on a magic show
  • make sock puppets, put on a puppet show
  • crochet or knit
  • make doll clothes
  • sew buttons in designs on old shirts
  • organize a dresser drawer
  • clean under the bed
  • vacuum or dust window blinds
  • write these ideas on pieces of paper and pick out one or two to do
  • practice musical instruments, perform a family concert
  • teach yourself to play musical instrument (recorder, harmonica, guitar)
  • create a symphony with bottles and pans and rubber bands
  • make up a song
  • build with blocks or Legos
  • create a design box (copper wire, string, odds-and-ends of things destined for the garbage, pom-poms, thread, yarn, etc.)
  • have a marble tournament on the livingroom carpet
  • give your pet a party
  • check out a science book and try some experiments
  • play jacks
  • play charades
  • make a map of your bedroom, house or neighborhood
  • call a friend
  • plan a treasure hunt
  • make a treasure map
  • plan a special activity for your family
  • search your house for items made in other countries and then learn about those countries from the encyclopedia or online
  • learn the flags of different countries
  • have a Spelling Bee
  • make up a game for practicing spelling
  • make paper airplanes, race them
  • learn origami
  • make friendship bracelets for your friends
  • make a wind chime out of things headed for the garbage
  • paint your face
  • braid hair

Have fun!


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