My “Less Obvious” Problems with Republican Ideology

The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

The red “GOP” logo used by the party for its website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post is by no means a statement of support for the Democrats, I don’t think they have the perfect answer either.  Not to mention the politicking both parties are wrapped up in which limits actual progress.
My Problems with Republican Ideology:

  • The concept that Free Markets will run themselves… anyone notice the Great Recession, now in it’s 4th year?  We must also have accountability so that people are held responsible for their actions for the concept of Free Markets to have a chance.
  • De-regulation: see note above.
  • How can anyone ignore science, the search for absolute/unbiased Truth?
  • They tend to act as if anything that makes money is okay, no matter what the impact or consequences are.
  • A few of them believe war is justified when it will stimulate the economy. (How does that reconcile with “Thou Shall Not Kill”?)
  • They believe in the value of their own hard work, which I think is good.  But not in the value of the opportunities, resources, and support that helped along the way, which I think is unfair.  (An idea founded in the science they wish to ignore.)
  • They don’t want to give a helping hand to the working class, as it will teach them to be dependent and lose motivation for working hard.  They must have learned this from supporting Big Oil companies and such.  (I don’t believe in hand-outs, but I think human compassion can go a long way toward setting things straight.)
  • The idea that we should not prioritize our environmental impact because of the discomfort it will cause us.  (Back to that idea of making money is a top priority.)

What would you add?


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