Philanthrophy and Kids Education

is the solution to all problems.  The more we educate future generations, they will have the tools and resources to change the world. Unfortunately the funding for education if often targeted when municipal budget cuts are needed.

International Programs

  • The SOLD Project provides education scholarships for Thai children, resulting in reduced prostitution in Thailand.  Thanks to Heather and Michael Colletto for their post on this program.
  • buildOn after school kids program in the U.S. raises money and supplies to build schools in developing countries.
  • Youth Action International is a program that organizes youth in industrialized nations to provide economic empowerment for war-affected youth in Africa.
  • An independent film shown on PBS stations Children of Haiti tells the story of undereducated children in Haiti, before the earthquake.  Assistance to Haiti must be coordinated and focused on solving the problems of a corrupt and unorganized government, described by the U.N. official in a Frontline episode Battle for Haiti.  The University of Pennsylvania is also blogging about addressing the most critical problems in Haiti on their blog about High Impact Philanthropy.
  • Kids for Peace has programs in the US to promote cross-cultural experiences and environmental projects.
  • Help children learn to read in Kenya.
  • One Laptop per Child distributes laptops to kids around the world.

U.S. Based Programs


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