Too Much Toothpaste Wears down your Teeth

My dentist seems to be very knowledgeable and straight forward guy.  Yesterday he told me that a study evaluated different causes for teeth abrasion.  People who brush very often and very vigorously can actually wear down their teeth.  Supposedly, the study compared brushing teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, to brushing with a clean toothbrush.  The added toothpaste caused the wearing down of the teeth.  It’s not the brush that is wearing down your teeth.  So my dentist says only use a grain of rice size dab of toothpaste (not what we see in commercials).  This Huffington Post article describes the results of Dr. Abrahamsen’s study which shows that toothpaste has more influence than stiffness of the toothbrush bristles, and also points out that people use a lot of whitening toothpaste  to try and brighten their teeth, but actually the opposite can happen.

Supporting References:

Also, I’m reading that there is a concern over glycerin in toothpaste, which remains on your teeth a long time after brushing, prevents re-enamilfication.


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