At Times we have to fight the Energy Companies to improve efficiency

So I’m working on my blog, finally complete some articles that I have started but not yet finished.  My boyfriend has the TV on the local news station and the character being interviewed is talking about power plants in the Boston area.  I’m not really listening, but I catch one phrase:

Power Plants are sometimes only 33.3% efficient, 2/3 of the energy produced is wasted.

I was shocked, and quickly googled this theory.  This article on closely mirrors the conversation on the TV.  Universities and hospitals who wish to build a Cogeneration plant (this is a small energy plant on site that can provide energy with up to 80% efficiency) but they have to fight the utility who is concerned about the profit loss.

Deutsch: Das Nesjavellir-Geothermie-Kraftwerk ...

The Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant in Þingvellir, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I can understand the utilities’ concern.  They have invested money into capital and infrastructure projects to provide energy for that client, which will now be superfluous.  And they may rely on the income from these clients to offset pricing for smaller clients.  But from an environmental standpoint, how can we let this project be defeated.

Back to the real issue, How are we not concerned with the 2/3 wasted energy of traditional power plants?  I can’t wait for everyone to have solar panels or wind power.  Of course, then the grid network will not be maintained and will likely fail in times of need, so this solution is not without significant problems of it’s own.


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