Eating Healthy without high Cost

Did you know it’s recommended that we spend 40% of our food expenses on fresh foods and the typical American only spends 20%?   Coming from a background of limited finances, we ate a lot of cheap food.  Unfortunately I learned a lot of bad habits from that lifestyle, which is slow and difficult to correct.  And even then, I don’t even think I will fully correct them, just consciously choose better food.

Part of the difficulty people have with eating healthy is they think it costs more.  Fortunately they are wrong.  Recently I made a healthy and easy dinner for $3.5o, not per serving, total for 3-4 servings.  I make a stir-fry mix of vegetables and noodles (egg or flour noodles, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, zucchini, and stir-fry sauce).  I was shocked at the check-out stand when it was only $3.50.

Today’s NPR story confirms my experience.  If you can justify $4-6 for a latte, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of course, these foods are not as convenient at packaged food which stays fresh for a long time and transports easy.  It takes a little more planning to wash and cut these foods.  To prevent fruit from going bad, I will clean, cut and then freeze fruit that I won’t finish and then use the frozen fruits in my morning smoothie.  Soups and stir-fry are a great way to use a variety of veggies hanging out in the refrigerator.


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