For People who Love Yosemite

I never tire of looking at the glacier carved granite in California’s Sierra Mountains .  My family would spend a week camping on the Valley Floor each summer.  Looking back, it was probably the only normal thing we did as a family, and the best quality time  we spent together.  We swam every day in the frigid river, finding rocks to jump off, hiked the miles of trails, making it to the top of Half Dome when I was 13, ate pizza at Curry Village, watched for bears at night, and in the mornings observed their destruction if someone left an ice chest in the car.

Even if you have not visited Yosemite, this video by Shawn Reader is fantastic (but I wouldn’t call it mind blowing as the article titles does).


2 comments on “For People who Love Yosemite

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    • Thank you for linking to my post. It’s really amazing slow motion video for people who appreciate nature and the outdoors. I also look forward to reviewing your vacation info.

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