Proving One’s Innocence – Innocent People finally getting freed

Sadly, the justice system in the U.S. often fails at providing justice.  Recent stories on NPR discuss the increase of people exonerated from their crimes when the evidence proves their innocence.  I heard a discussion on WBUR (but I can’t find the related article) about the challenge for the judicial system to hold prosecutors accountable for withholding evidence in past cases.   This concept doesn’t make sense to me, but I can imagine how this type of protection helps their careers.

New England Innocence Project

Until there are repercussions for such actions, this behavior will surely continue.

Other related stories:

  • Unprocessed Rape Kits in Detroit
  • Unprocessed Rape Kits in LA
  • Anatomy of a Bad Confession
  • On Point discussion about the racial bias (racial profiling although they only mention racism) in our legal system.  I amazed by the discussion point that when comparing the same small crime, a white person will get away with it and joke about it with friends, but a black person will be convicted of a crime and have a criminal record to limit their future opportunities.  Especially for a group of people with limited opportunities, to have these added limitations of a criminal record makes it even more difficult to pull themselves out of poverty.
  • TV show where two families trade lives, one Black one White.

2 comments on “Proving One’s Innocence – Innocent People finally getting freed

  1. Someone incredibly close to me got incarcerated for something that they did not do. It is ridiculously sad how hard it is to get out of prison once you are put in there, especially if the judge sort of knows that they messed up. It’s hard enough for us to admit we were wrong about what movie to see, never mind to admit we were wrong for incarcerating someone who did not deserve it. I don’t know how judges do it, but the system is seriously flawed.

    • I hope they have cleared their name and can move on from this trajedy. Unfortunately mistakes happen every day and we must learn from those experiences to improve the system. What is really frightening is the number of instances where the mistake was not accidental and the error was known. How can our society tolerate this behavior?

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