Stuff to Do in Boston

If you plan to visit Boston, check out this info below.  I will add details as I discover new information and places.

The top annual events for Boston:

  • New Years Eve – First Night has tons of performances around the city.  You can also enjoy Ice Sculptures on the Boston Common and Fireworks at 7:00 for families and midnight for all
  • Evacuation Day (same day as St. Patrick’s Day) – In Boston only, it’s really just and excuse to take a holiday on  St. Patty’s day.  The Irish community here loves to celebrate this holiday.  Visit South Boston “Southie” for the parade and for the bars packed with people.  There are many Irish pubs and bars in the area that will also celebrate and often have live music.
  • Patriots Day (Third Monday in April) – this Massachusetts and Maine only holiday, which commemorates the start of the US Revolution.  But people in Boston just know that it’s Marathon Monday.  Hope it doesn’t snow.
  • 4th of July – Is a big event here.  My advice, see the Boston Pops practice night on 3 July at the Esplanade, then hang out on Memorial Drive for the best view of the Fireworks show on 4 July.
  • Plenty of fun events occur throughout the summer, many of them are free and many are great for families.
  • October – Salem celebrates Halloween for most of this month

Things to Do:

Boston is a very walkable city, it’s not very big, and there aren’t many hills


  • Clam Chowdah (Bostonians do no pronounce the r – Pahk the Cah) at Legal Seafoods
  • Italian food in the North End
  • Irish food at local pubs
  • Breakfast at Geoffrey’s Cafe
  • Seafood in Gloucester (pronounced Gloss-ter)
  • Eat at at Bookstore Cafe called Trident
  • Chocolate Brunch at the Langham Hotel
  • Dim Sum in Chinatown

For the Thrill of It:

From the Local’s Point of View:

To understand the feel of the people here, try volunteering.  You can find ideas of volunteer activities on the website for Boston Cares, and then you will have to contact the agency directly to arrange your service since it’s not reasonable to join the group for a short time of volunteering.

Festivals and Music Events – Many are free to attend


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