Hidden Chemicals all Around Us, and Hidden Health Effects

On Point had a good discussion this week about hidden toxins and carcinogenic chemicals in everyday products we use.  The Silent Spring Institute published results from a study looking at the frequency of potentially harmful chemicals hidden in soap, deodorant, cleanings products, even products labeled as “Green”.  Surprisingly companies can sell many products before proving they are safe, or proving their claim of health benefits.

I have previously written about the challenges with trusting “Green” or “Natural” products because these terms are not regulated, so manufacturers can add them to any product.  I also have a page collecting the things we naturally trust but shouldn’t.  There is little regulation on the ingredients of beauty products, so don’t believe the FDA is checking these products for safety.

Some studies show a higher rate of breast cancer in the more affluent communities (due to environmental impacts of dry cleaning, lawn service, pesticides, fancy beauty products).  We all should be aware of these health effects.  So why do we spend so much money on researching cures for cancers but we do not eliminate the risks around us (little cost to implement)?  Because we are unaware of the risks.  Sure, these products are very convenient, but if we know the risk we might take the time to purchase better products and maybe even make our own cleaners.  So how do we do that:


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