Any Worthy candidates?

It’s an interesting time for politics.  I’m not old enough to know how often this situation may have occurred, but it seems as though we struggle to find a respectable candidate to support in this election season.  The flip-flopping, pandering, and general spinelessness is making the decision a hopeless one.   I want a candidate who is firm in their beliefs, and can present a clear vision of their impact as US President.  We need a visionary, and a fighter.  The Congress who makes policy, is too divided for real impact to the common good.  Obama’s technique of compromise with the Republican control of Congress has been ineffective.  We need to the Martin Luther King of politicians to DEMAND what is right for progress and prosperity.   Maybe that candidate is out there but has not gained enough popularity to make it onto my radar.  That’s the sad part, good people are crowded out (On Point discussion of What it Takes to Become President).

The bipartisan division in US politics right now is revolting.  The politicians sound like a mortgage broker selling a sub-prime mortgage for a million dollar house to someone without a job.  “The best way to create more jobs is to lower taxes,” as if the rich people who don’t even pay their fair share will be convinced to share their wealth with the rest of us.

They really think that a majority of people care about the sanctity of marriage (limited to a man and woman relationship)… a recent report in my local NPR station shows that fewer young people are getting married, and more people are living together and having children without marriage.  Couple that with the trend of more states allowing marriage for same sex couples, I think the times are a changin’.  Besides, can’t we create a new term “Domestic Partnership” or something similar to use for same sex couples and grant the same rights as marriage.  So the uber (defined as best, above all, nothing better than) conservatives can keep their sanctions.  And the diversion from real issues continues.

Anyone who thinks our politicians want to end illegal immigration, or that our country will function as well, is simply misguided.

But I suppose the continual reduction of education and the numerous mindless entertainment options on TV, we can’t expect a change anytime soon.

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