When to purchase Airline Tickets?

I’m hoping to travel in the next couple of weeks, but ticket prices are so high this close to the travel date.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal last month, the prices fluctuate with a pattern.  Lower prices can be found early in the week, including on Monday, and then the prices generally increase throughout the week to peak on the weekends.  Of course, this pattern will probably change soon, as I cannot see the airlines sticking to anything predictable that customers learn to use to their advantage.

Update:  So Monday morning some prices were cheaper, then they shot back up Monday night almost to the price of the weekend flights.  Tuesday they went down again, and Tuesday evening there were some good options.  I thought since we are less than 3 weeks from departure and return that the prices would continually rise.  So who knows how it really works.

See my post on Safety Concerns in the Airline Industry, would you factor this information into your decision to purchase?


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