Crazy Cat Lady

A friend of mine told me this story one day.


Today at the grocery store, some crazy cat lady tried to lure me to her house.  I was picking up some Friskies cat food when this woman turns to me and says “Oh, does your cat eat the Friskies?  Because my cats won’t eat it and I have about 20 cans at home.  It’s too bad I don’t know you, then I could give it to you”

So I politely say, “that’s alright, maybe you can give it to someone at your work”

She replies, “well I can give you my address, do you have a paper and pen because I can just give you my address and you can stop by to pick up the Friskies”

Me: “uhhhhhhhh (as I try to figure out a way to politely say “stop trying to pawn your old cat food off on me”) No, thanks, I have to go.”

So as she realizes free cat food isn’t enough to get me to come over she starts telling me about her cats, she says “I have these beautiful blue Russian kittens that someone just dropped off, they are just wonderful. . . . . “

I just said “good luck” and walked away. As a side note, trying to bait a Ukrainian by saying you have a “Russian” anything, is never a good idea.


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