Everyone needs a little Humanity

A couple of things I have been surrounded with lately have combined into one idea. What everyone is looking for in life, and what seems to bring infinite happiness to people is compassion and understanding.  A human connection that comes from understanding each other and the experience one or both persons are going through.

Today’s local public news station has a story recently of how a little understanding and act of compassion goes a long way in the local jail (the people held here are awaiting trial and have not been convicted of a crime).  We can debate back and forth the worthiness of criminals to receive these types of acts, but given the positive impact for life of the inmates and the guards, and the potential for this to be the first step in getting their lives back on track, isn’t it worth while to make the extra effort?  I would imagine this to be more effective reform of many types of criminals.

Another related story is a discussion on K-12 education in the US where the participants identify the most significant need for education today are people (teachers/counselors) who have the time and ability to connect with the students and be emotionally for those in need of that support.  Some kids just need someone to believe in them.  This can come from family or from someone in the community.  Each participate related a story of success to having that supportive person in their life, and the student who dropped out of school agreed that a lack of support was a major factor to their decision.  Check out the discussion on Education Nation on NBC.  The challenge is to develop our education system with proper incentives for providing this support while maintaining the educational goals, and not overtax our educators.  I suspect the evidence will show that we need more educators and staff in the school system.

“Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it. ”

– Harold S. Hulbert

I think this applies to all people, but especially to children.  We spend so much time each day interacting without significance, especially when living in the city.


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