Holiday Cookie Weekend

My favorite holiday tradition is cookie weekend.  I used to spend Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday with my aunt and younger cousin makings a variety of cookies.  We would make 6 or 7 different kids of cookies, bars, candy, and brownies, over 100 dozen in all.  My aunt would give them away as holiday gifts to close friends.  And they were a treasured gift because it’s not easy or inexpensive to make such a mass of treats.

Rolling out and Cutting the Gingerbread cookies

I  make frosted Gingerbread cutout cookies every year because they are my favorite.   Most of the ingredients I do not enjoy individually (molasses, vinegar, ginger), but mix them all together and bake it up, yum yum.  I decorate these cookies with a cream cheese frosting.  They freeze very well to enjoy throughout the season.

Both cookies baked and ready for Frosting

This year I also made wreath and tree sugar cookies with mint frosting and cinnamon candy decorations.  I have not yet made this one myself, because it took a while for me to find an appropriate cookie cutter for the wreath shaped.   I love the multiple sized fluted biscuit cutters for this.

Then invite a few friends over to decorate, serve some hot chocolate, and sing along to holiday music.

I love the way they decorated the Snowmen and the Star of David.  And tomorrow I’ll take them into the office to share.

Frosting Art Therapy


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