How to Talk to Young Girls

I read a blog post this morning that I found very insightful and worth advertising to all of you.  On her post More Than A Mum the author references an article in the Huffington Post called How to Talk to Little Girls by Lisa Bloom.  both the article and the blog post point out what we fail to realize in our interactions with young and maturing girls.

When the first and sometimes only comments we have for young girls refers to their looks and style of clothing, this increases their self awareness and insecurities.  The discussion goes on to report statistics of young girls with eating disorders and body image issues. As a female engineer, I also would comment that it’s disrespectful when people comment that my accomplishments “Are pretty good for a girl.”  We females may not do things in the same manner as males, but they can be just as accomplished and efficient (or more so) than males.  Everyone has their individual talents and skills to contribute.

We need to rethink the message we are sending to young girls regarding their present and future contributions to society.  We need to be inquisitive about their ideas and talents beyond looking cute.

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