Dead Squirrels in the Road, Why so many?

This past week I noticed many dead squirrels in the road.  More than I have ever noticed before.  Here is what I found.

“Fall is the “great reshuffle”, a time when juvenile and adult males change territories and mix up the gene pool.  Because so many are inexperienced around cars, they tend to run right out in the road at the worst possible moment.  Squirrels are not particularly adept at defensive road-crossing, being a poor judge of oncoming speeds and not comprehending this massive thing bearing down on them.”  by the Wildlife Rescue League

Natural selection at it’s finest.


One comment on “Dead Squirrels in the Road, Why so many?

  1. How strange you should mention this! At about the same time this was posted, I was out for a morning walk/jog. I was about 3/4 mile from home, and in front of a house with a big tree that arched over the street, lay two small gray bundles. I was unsure what they were, but I saw one quiver a little. There were two baby squirrels; the one was moving, the other still. I THINK they somehow fell out of the tree branch overhead. I didn’t have my cell phone, the people were obviously not home (two papers piled in the drive), and on a Sunday, you can’t get the county animal control people to come out, I’m sure. I continued on around the block and when I returned, the mama (I assume) was fussing over both little bundles, and she ran off up the tree as I approached. I still tear up when I think of this. Really nothing I could do, and it is just nature’s way. But when I saw this picture, I had to relate this.

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