How do We Fix the Jobs problem in the US?

I’m not an economist, so I have little idea how to create decent jobs for people to earn w livable wage.  There are many factors affecting the current job situation, I think we need a national discussion on these issues:

–      Unrealistic Expectations: The baby boomer generation has experienced unique circumstances that provided significant improvements in their standard of living.  The situation allowed for pyramid based (similar to Ponzi scheme) support programs for wages, social security, health care etc.  Gen X following this group does not have the same circumstances of population growth to support the same standard of benefits.  It’s more damaging to people when these expectations disappear, as they need to do in this social/economic correction.  I don’t expect that the living standard of the last 30 years is sustainable in today’s world and we should not expect to get back to that situation after the recovery.

–      Giving Kids a “Childhood”:  Modern society in the US is focused on making it easy for kids.  We need to be teaching them how to be adults, how to get work done, and how to be group centered instead of selfish and self-centered.  We need to prep them emotionally to handle adult life, not protect them from reality.  The quality of our work force is diminishing and we will lose the justification for companies to keep jobs in the US.

–      Globalization: Now businesses have the resources to move their headquarters, outsource jobs (and insource jobs), and other measure to save money (i.e. increase profits).

–      Discuss Incentives: Business have many incentives for increasing profits, rather than improving working conditions and pay, health care, productivity etc.

–      Personal Commitment:  All of these ideas combine into a point “we are more concerned with personal growth and development on an individual basis than the good of society.”  The irony is we lost control over our own quality of life in the process.  Instead of shopping at Wal-Mart because we can buy more things (even though those items do not last long) we should be more conscience of buying local.  The US regulates human rights, working conditions, environmental impact, and other characteristics that are designed for sustainable living and protection of our way of life.  Then we kick that to the curb to buy foreign made products because they are cheaper.


3 comments on “How do We Fix the Jobs problem in the US?

  1. Excellent points. Cell phones, texting, and iPods don’t help us socialize much either. We’re too busy wandering around in our own little worlds and obsessing on our own problems to pay much attention to anyone else.
    As for returning to what we had before the recession, I fear you’re right. But we spent too many years of low/no taxes and refusing to increase the Social Security taxes commensurate to what we need to maintain the standard of payouts our parents received. Also infrastructure…we should have been paying more in taxes for many years to maintain our bridges, roads, electrical grids, etc., and this would have also have kept the jobs going on these projects.
    Just a few thoughts…..

    • I think the bigger problem here is a function of designing social and economic programs that are successful because of the baby boomer population increase, but now subsequent generations are proportionally smaller and cannot support those programs as designed. We need to redesign our society for success without the pyramid type population growth. This will likely require significant sacrifices that we are not yet willing to implement.

  2. Yes. Made in American cannot be “forced”, however. Government needs to shrink in favor of private sector; taxes need to be lowered. This is what our business community has been saying. The Fed must be abolished so that our wealth does not end up in hands of Wall Street again, while our currency buys less ( which is the underlying problem, here).
    I will quit rambling. GOOGLE RON PAUL!!!

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