Congratulations to You

Thanks to all of you, our politicians have reached a consensus.  It appears that both sides of the isle agree that the needed fix to our economy is JOBS.  Yes everyone needs a job and that will make all our problems go away (except the real problem of corruption, deceit, foreign invasion, and other problems we don’t really care about).

Years of outsourcing, and insourcing (Wikipedia definition), allowing corporations to reap higher profits, resulting in a decrease of the quality of living for the working and middle classes and widened the income gap.  Well who let them do that?

We all did, anyone with the voting rights in the US allowed this to happen.  We allow government and corporations to keep wages and benefits low while the cost of living increases.  We sit on the sidelines complaining about life’s difficulties instead of participating in change and contributing what we can for our communities.  What kind of example is set of the upcoming generations?  How will they know how to get exercise their democratic rights?  The baby boomers fought the government during the Vietnam War, why are subsequent generations standing by and allowing their power to disappear?  You can bet there will be fierce opposition if social security benefits are threatened (again the baby boomers will not allow that to happen).   Why is my generation allowing our benefits to effectively be cut?   My generation can barely pay for health care, buy a home, rely on social security or other retirement programs.  What we are asking for is to be able to maintain the same standard of living for the same effort as previous generations.

We need meaningful jobs that will help our economy grow and develop a sustainable lifestyle in our country.  We need to increase the minimum wage and level of benefits to allow hardworking people to earn a decent standard of living.  We need to reward hard work with an adequate means.  And we need to stop rewarding substandard work without consequence.

Let’s help define the political discussion on jobs and the economic recovery.


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