The Loss of Education – Why Politicians are Confused and Corporations/Wall Street have run Amok

If you are paying attention to the US political debates and the Republican Primary presidential campaign, it’s clear that few politicians have a clue how to fix our economy or how to meets their constituents’ wishes.  Obama campaigned on the promise of “Change in Washington.”  The promise of “Change” is extremely vague.  What kind of change was he offering and what kind of change were people hoping for?

Now the key word is “Jobs.”  Many discussions are emphasizing the idea that an increase the number of jobs available will fix (= return to pre-recession glory?) our economy.  Well just how we go about increasing jobs is the real debate.  Republicans are striving for reduced taxes and less government oversight and deceiving voters to think that giving more money and power to the wealthy will result in them wanting to help the little guy and create jobs.  Since when does anyone sit down and say “I have enough money for myself and my family to live a comfort lifestyle, I’m going to create jobs for others to be able to earn a decent living as well.”  And second, isn’t that how we got into this mess to begin with?  Deregulation and lack of regulatory development to keep up with modern financial products, and lessening government oversight of risks to our economy, in large part created this recession.

Democrats are not much clearer in their suggestions for change.  Increasing taxes to maintain government support programs is not a long term solution.  So what are the experts saying is the path to create meaningful jobs and push us back to the pre-recession glory?  Well that is another topic entirely than the message of this post.

The message here is that we, the public, are not clearly voicing our opinion for the politicians.   “Change” and “Jobs” is not enough direction.  Our current education (in the classroom and through life experiences) is not providing us the tools we need to evaluate political decisions, or to participate in a meaningful way in current politics.  We are easily distracted by less important conversations and we are unable to get to the heart of an issue.

I wonder if it’s a lack of science in our everyday lives that results in our inability to have a meaningful impact; but we blame it on a lack of control over the politicians (we could gain control if we used our voice and voting power in unison).  Granted this takes effort and commitment to research the discussion topics and find the truth.  We are our biggest obstacles, not wanting to take control because of our laziness, or the fear we have of responsibility.

So what is important to you?  What should the government be focused on?  And what do you think is the answer to fixing that priority?


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