Talk to your Elected Officials, Voice your Opinion

Does it seem like the politicians in Washington are not working for the every day citizen?  The discussions on NPR in the past week discuss how big business and wall street have benefited from stimulus and government action in this faux recovery, but the working class and middle class have seen little relief.  We dance around the question of “How do we influence the government and voice our opinion in a way to have a meaningful impact?”  The truth is, every day people let this happen and we let the corporations and upper class groups run our politics.

Unless we tell them our opinion, they will not understand our preferences in their decisions and how we think they should run the country.  Right now their incentives are for short-term (4 year) benefits that please the coffers of campaign supporters.

  • (Find your Representatives from your Zip Code)
  • (also lists current topics you may want express an opinion on)
  • (State and Federal Representatives)

Tips for Effective Communication  First you may want to take a few minutes to organize your thoughts and priorities for the letter/conversation.



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