Problems with Parking Tickets

I’m sure everyone has received a parking ticket, at least everyone reading this post who drives in the U.S.  And I wouldn’t doubt that most of you received a parking ticket in error at some point.

I can understand that it’s difficult for meter maids to write correct parking tickets every time.  It’s understandable that an error could be made once in a while.  You might think that to be the reason why each town/city has an appeal process for parking tickets.  However, of the stories I have heard and experience, the appeal process initially rejects all appeals no matter how much evidence you have to prove the error.  In many of these stories, people who were able to take the time to attend a schedule hearing for their ticket, were able to submit their evidence to the judge and finally have their innocence confirmed. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts, in you appeal a ticket online or by mail, you will not have the opportunity to appeal in person (after your appeal is automatically denied).

I understand the financial incentives of this system causing cities and towns to maintain the status quo.  But is this system fair to require innocent people to spend time and money fighting improper parking tickets?  A friend of my recently had to drive an hour away to fight a ticket in a city she did not visit on the day of the issued ticket.  I have heard that meter maids only have to type in 3 characters to an electronic devise and then choose the correct vehicle from a list.  Shouldn’t we require 2 or 3 pieces of information to be entered by the meter maid, and for staff who routinely issue improper tickets to be responsible for those errors?

Great advice for How to Beat a Parking Ticket.  Keep in mind the regulations presented in the example in this article may not be the same legal requirements in your area.


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