A Few Helpful Websites

Many of us are trying to reduce calories and eat more vegetables. This website called Hungry Girl has many ideas and suggestions. My favorite feature so far is a page that gives lower calorie recipes for popular menu items you might purchase (click on Chew the Right Thing from the top menu). But some of the recommendations have significantly different portion sizes to accomplish the calorie savings.

Need to keep track of your calories or are you curious about your favorite recipe and its nutritional value.  Try this recipe calculator.

Find a recipe based on the ingredients in your refrigerator/cupboards using this site from Supercook.

The current news coverage of the U.S. debt debate is as intense as any major election, and rightly so. But with all the hot air coming out of Washington, it’s not hard to dismiss everything we hear. To get a better handle on the facts, I like to read the analysis on PolitiFact.

Real Simple is a magazine some of my friends get monthly, but you can access a lot of their suggestions on the website.

If you want low-cost expert advice, try Just Answer where you can name your own price for a question to be answered.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I will if something comes up.


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