It’s more difficult for Parents today

compared to when I was a kid, today’s youngsters have much less freedom to go out and play.  When in middle school, I used to ride my bike around town and go to friends houses without an escort.  When my parents were young, they used to go out in the neighborhood and all the kids would play together.  Now there is more concern for kids safety and more control, kids no longer have the freedom to get out and experience life in a meaningful, educational way.  Nowadays, adults control nearly every aspect of their life, they are shuttled between playdates, sports events, and camps.

How are these kids suppose to learn how to organize events, interact with their peers, resolve problems, and accomplish their goals?  These lessons used to come from the natural experience of going out to play in the neighborhood.  Now it’s additional work for parents to provide these lessons for their children.  As if the role of parenting has not been complicated enough with our modern lifestyle (are we to blame for wanting more?).  For my ideas on goals for parenting.

Another blogger posted a list of 50 Things to do with Kids in December that I though was interesting.


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