The Role of the US President, is it overinflated?

A basic political science lesson:

  • The Legislative Branch (Creates Laws) represented by the House and Senate
  • The Executive Branch (Executes the Laws) represented by the President and Secretaries
  • The Judicial Branch (Interprets the Laws) represented by the Supreme and Federal Courts

from USA for Kids

However, I believe the general public has been misrepresenting the powers of the President.   The discussions about the role of the President suggest he/she has absolute power to create policy.  This certainly has been the discussion when trying to place blame for policy problems plaguing our country.  The President does have tremendous influence over policy decisions and limited power, but in general they cannot create policy.

The Legislators create policy, and so the House and Senate representatives are just as important to accomplish our desires as the President.  Our elected representatives are a direct line to policy decisions, and we have more influence over these people compared to the President.  But are voters as cautious about voting for these representatives compared to the dramatic evaluation of the President?

The role of the President has many important responsibilities including Commander in Chief and International Diplomacy.  But when it comes to actions that directly affect ourselves, we should hold the legislators more accountable.


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