The Religious Right

I think religion is important and has a valuable place in society.  Just as important is to have two opposing views in a political debate, to expose both sides of the conversation and maybe a little of the extremes.  But the Religious Right point of view really contradicts my way of thinking, and I don’t appreciate the distracting and meaningless contributions of this particular group.

While religion is rooted in faith and beliefs that cannot be proven true or false, this is not an appropriate methodology for governmental policy.  The last few years of political campaigns have increased the sensational rhetoric, moving away from topics that can have a greater impact for the public.  The Religious Right leaders are advertising their rhetoric as the wishes of the American people, but they seem to be pick and choose a few of the public opinions to address, ignoring topics integral to our quality of life and avoiding the topics the public really want to change.

My greatest frustration is the policies that limit our access to education and discussions that completely eliminate fact and science.  No matter what topic, people will debate what facts are relevant to the topic.  But I don’t understand how anyone can listen to a politician who refuses to base their opinion on studies, research, and the point of view of experts in the field.

I hope this new campaign season brings out discussion on topics prioritized by the public.  But we have to talk with each other, comment publicly on political issues, and communicate to our representatives what topics we find important and relevant.  We have to seek out the facts, and not allow biased people to tell us our opinion.  We need to scrutinize every candidate (those we like and those we don’t agree with) on how they form an opinion, do they want something to be true and find a way to justify that opinion, or do they endeavor to find substantial truth to influence their opinion?  We should demand the factual support for claims made by each candidate.  Review the points of view on both sides of the issue and recognize that today’s culture is to over-sensationalize the discussion.  It will take the work of the general public to remedy the culture.


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