A Speech by Ralph Nader, his proposal for Utopia

I have never followed Ralph Nader, his career, his publications, or his speeches.  But tonight I decided to attend a talk by him titled “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us,” the title of his latest book.

Well my first reaction to his speech was the solution to his proposed Utopia was more focused on how the general public can achieve change and not how Super-Rich can participate in achieving this Utopia.  I wonder where the proceeds of this book are going.

In response to Mr. Nader’s wish for a changed US society I say:

  • You can’t have change until you agree on the desired outcome (the goal.)
  • To agree on a goal, we must be discussing the problem(s).
  • With decreasing education, because of funding and lack of education by parents, we are less prepared for the discussion.
  • So to achieve any change, I believe we need to focus on education, in school and at home.  (Okay so I already thought this before going to the talk.)

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