Looking for Volunteer Opportunities

I received an email request for volunteer ideas from someone who is not working full-time right now.  Maybe others would be interested in this list of suggestions.

  • Some elementary/middle schools may be looking for help, so you could ask the ones in your area.  In MA, they have to do a CORI background check which doesn’t take very long to complete and they just need basic info and a copy of your drivers license.
  • Big Brother/Big Sister is a group I also participate with that is nation wide, if you are interested in having a one-on-one relationship with a girl.
  • The Boy/Girl Scouts have a variety of ways to help out either working with kids in troops, or helping out in administrative tasks.
  • If you are interested in the environment, I help some of the local parks.  They have projects to clean up trails, or eradicate invasive species.
  • The political season is heating up again, so you could volunteer with a campaign.
  • Also festival season is starting up again, and they usually rely on volunteers.
  • I have never participated with the Rotary Club, but it’s a service based organization and there chapters in many locations.  Even if you don’t join this group, they would have contacts with a variety of groups.
  • In Boston, Chicago, NYC, we have a great organization Boston Cares that coordinates the masses of volunteers for local agencies to ask for help, this gives the agencies looking for volunteers access to lots of volunteers with one connection.  I don’t know the names of the groups in the Bay Area.
  • I also am starting to work with a group called buildOn who has a strong program in SF and Oakland.  This group does two things, 1. raise money to build schools in developing countries.  2. create programs for US kids in high school to learn leadership skills.
  • You can also check the list of e-chievement award winners from the radio program eTown for worthwhile groups to assist.

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