House GOP trying to eliminate Hand Outs, not Balance the Budget

My recent readings on education and social programs that improve the lives of the general public shows that: for anyone to be successful, a particular set of opportunities and fortunes are necessary.  The book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell presents research showing that success requires more than just a genius mind and/or a financially secure background.  Additional opportunities and teachings/examples are required as part of the equation for a success.

I think this point of view is a fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats policy decisions.  The Democratic policies generally recognize this bias and try to improve opportunities for everyone to have a chance at success.  The current agenda of the Republicans, especially in the House of Congress and Tea Party group, is to eliminate the programs that increase opportunities for the public.  If we they were concerned about balancing the budget, their focus should on eliminating waste, achieving the easy savings available, and then working through the list of programs according to positive impact and priority.  Maybe some of the social programs are not successful as intended, and warrant an overhaul, a reduction, or elimination, but I don’t expect the Republicans to suggest (or approve) alternate programs to achieve the intended purpose.

Without such programs people born to privilege will continue to have privilege and talent will be wasted where the individual does not have the right opportunity for success.  This point of view will increase the gap between the have’s and the have-nots, and history shows the outcome of widing this gap.  I don’t think the goal of eliminating social programs reflects the wishes of the general public, I think it’s a message misconstrued to serve the purpose of Republican politicians.  The Democrats are not perfect in thier policy decisions either, and sometimes reach too far without knowing the best method for accomplishing to goal and using funds wisely.

I hate to see a target for elimination of the programs that are trying to make the US a better country, a better life for its citizens, and resolve some of the humanitarian issues we suffer.  We need to develop and improve these support programs to improve our education, our opportunities, and our minimum standard of living.  I wish the public would command the politicians to work towards achievements in these areas of need.

This country was founded on the desire to eliminate favored opportunity based on social class passed on by birthright.  We should take caution, not to return to a similar system of favored inherited social class.


4 comments on “House GOP trying to eliminate Hand Outs, not Balance the Budget

  1. I thought that the difference between Republicans and Democrats was, Republicans want smaller government, Democrats want bigger. You are pigeonholing an entire half of the US population, which, does neither party any good.

    • I think the term “smaller government” is a phrase used to be politically correct, but that the underlaying goal is to eliminate government’s role in spreading the wealth and helping those with fewer opportunities. I’m not trying to place a description on the people of either party, more on the actions and current discussions presented by the party.

  2. The problem with both parties is that they no longer represent who they represent! They have clouded and mired themselves in so many obscureties that the haze through which you view them is so think, all you can see is gunk. The lines haven’t even been blurred, they have just been washed out. Both parties are to blame, both parties are not working in the interest of the country and both parties don’t care. Our bicameral system is broken. Hell, BOTH parties should be eliminating handouts, BOTH parties should be cutting waste, BOTH parties should be funding programs to help the needy, BOTH parties should be looking for fuel alternatives, BOTH parties should be looking to clean up our enviornment, BOTH parties should be seeking compromise; both should look at life as sacred, crime as the antithethis, but as the platforms currently stand, they are diametrically opposed to themselves – that’s called a paradox … no wonder we are loosing

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