Achieving your goals

A friend told me a story she heard on the radio.  A woman wanted to brush her teeth more often, so she put a note on the mirror “If I don’t brush my teeth every day, my teeth feel gross.”  Reading that note everyday and the feeling the dirtiness of her teeth convinced her to brush her teeth more often.  We could use this tactic to achieve all kinds of personal goals.  I have the hardest time regularly flossing my teeth, until my dentist mentioned that it only takes 3 days for the plaque to take hold on my tooth surface.  Now I’m sure to floss a minimum of every other day and my teeth have stayed smooth and clean in between visits to the dentist.

If you don’t think it will work, just think about all the commercials out there that tell you the same thing every day hoping you will believe the gimmick and purchase their product.  I have included some examples here.

This tactic may not work for everyone.  But maybe it just requires the right kind of consequence to be meaningful.


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