Are you giving too much info online, without knowing?

Photos taken with smart phones (blackberry and Iphone etc.), and other devices having a GPS embed the exact location of that photo (gps coordinates) in the photo details.  It’s called geotagging and was probably developed for some useful purpose.  But with everyone posting everyday photos online with Facebook or blogs, this information is not protected.  A woman who posted a picture of her kids new shoes was revealing her home address in the process.  I found out about this from a forwarded new story also a New York Times article.

How to protect your information

This news report says there is a website called that scans for photos with embedded locations, and posts it on their website.  This website also has instructions for disabling the GPS feature on your device, click on read more under “Help Me Fix This” on the right side of the screen.

It is becoming more  common for devices with a camera, including smart phones, to have this capability, but you will have to check information for your individual device to verify.

Supposedly, a site Geotag Security has software that will scan your computer for geotagged information in the photos on your computer.  I have no idea if it searches for other information also.

Maybe I’m one of the last people to hear about this information, hopefully you are already aware and protecting your photo locations.

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